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MEAA Journal is a quarterly periodic scientific engineering journal published and issued by The Middle East Architects Association which is declared under the Ministry of Solidarity with the number 9984/2015. The journal obtained an ISSN Number 2356-9905 from the Egyptian Academy of Scientific Research & Technology - Cairo - Republic Arab of Egypt.

The MEAA Journal is dedicated to architects, architecture, the construction industry, and all other relevant corresponding industries serving architecture and the built environment. The MEAA Journal publishes researched articles, re-portages and essays which are relevant to the journal’s field and considered a spot of interest for academics and professionals to expand their knowledge and science base for business stack holders.

The MEAA Journal administration prints 3000 copies quarterly and distributes them complimentarily through the Egypt post to the stack holders.

Journal Distribution Policy

- MEAA Journal primarily targets stack holders the Egyptian territories which also include construction developers, consultants, construction management companies, constructions companies and contractors, suppliers, vendors and individuals in parallel to academics at governmental and non- governmental universities, institutes and academies. The MEAA administration prospects to further target and distribute within the Middle East markets. Distribution of the published issue is extended amongst three months until the publication of the next issue. It is also inclusive of all related exhibitions, conferences, and events in parallel to companies and firms.

Journal Sponsorship Policy

 To expand the beneficiaries’ base of MEAA Journal publications, the review committee has adopted a sponsorship policy allowing the sponsors an advertisement area within the journal according to the extent of the sponsorship. Sponsorships may be presented by any means financially or by donations of any sort.

Graphic Designs

Any graphic designing work is the sponsors’ responsibility without any liabilities towards the MEAA Journal.

Articles Published

Articles, topics, essays, re-portages or any other published materials is the review committees’ responsibility. The review committee is the only department in charge of approving or rejecting the published content. Any interventions or trials by researchers, sponsors or others will therefore be not be acknowledged.

Responsibility towards Our Community

Companies and firms working with MEAA, are committed towards contributing and sharing research and information to help upgrade the standard of sciences and knowledge. Through MEAA Journal, companies and firms can contribute to a better and enhanced community.

Review Committee

The MEAA Journal review committee is a group of elite academics and professionals.

Knowledge Sharing

The MEAA Journal review committee welcomes all individuals, firms, groups, companies or others, whom would like to contribute and share their knowledge through writing or their knowledgeable materials for review and publication through the journal.

Current Issue: Volume 1, Issue 3, July 2016 

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